How to Start a College Essay

It is not surprising that you agonize over how you will start your college essay, as it is going to be evaluated by a group of admission officers. It is advisable that you look at the requirement regulations of the essay prescribed by the college you are applying to beforehand. Taking into consideration those requirements would reflect some of your qualities as a college candidate, namely your attention to details and respect for college laws. A student who does not overlook the necessary requirements of the college when it comes to college application essay gives a good impression about them to the reader. The requirements could be word count, essay format, file format, and number of lines per paragraph. Therefore, try not to be that student who starts writing their college essay without even looking at its fundamental requirements.

The first step of college essay writing consists of some decisions that have to be taken on the part of the writer, which could be the tone of the essay, the order of ideas, and their relevance to prospective college achievements. Gathering the main ideas to include in your essay is not dissociated from an inner look at your personal traits and life experience; the inclusion of such factors would fortify your college essay to make it vivid and appealing, which could gain the appreciation of the officials. In other words, one has to enter in a dialogue with themselves for the sake of coming to terms with the focal qualities acquired that may add to their college experience. This step should come first so that you avoid the risk of falling into mere narration of useless life events that have nothing to do with the aim of the application.

The start of your college essay should also include strategic linguistic tools in the introduction, which would hook the readers right from the beginning. Including a short story that catches their attention seems to be a great first step. The story should be unusual and catchy in which you recount what happened to you in a certain context and how it shaped your values, beliefs, and qualities. The story should be followed by an insightful explanation that demystifies to the admission officers how you have become who you are today thanks to what happened.